Ardèche… Vivarais…

Chalky-clay and granitic sands

Confluence of the rivers Rhône and Isère

Between vineyards and chestnuts

From the southern Saint-Joseph to the Cornas…

Wide extensive view

On the right bank of the Rhône…

Contrasted countryside :


Countryside with 220 inhabitants

Two COURBIS's brother


With their

complementary characters

They are one.

With the same faith,

United by a common project

With a common effort :

The sustainability of the domaine.

Which owns roots from the

XVI° century.

Pionners and builders
veteran growers
of vineyard on steep slopes 
revolutionnary in their methods…

Those adjectives make part of their daily life
and make their strength.

They have made their weapons
and reinforced their roots.

They know how to adapt indispensable
Modernism of the vinification,
to an ancestral and manual quality culture

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