Food and wine pairingDuck foie gras cooked in terrine


  • 2 First choice duck lobe
  • salt
  • pepper


The roundness and elegance of Saint Joseph "Les Royes" will marry wonderfully foie gras thanks to its sweet notes of honey brought by the marsanne.


For a 35 oz terrine:

  • Remove the nerves from 2 foie gras lobes of high quality
  • Salt et pepper with fleur de sel and pepper
  • Stuff the terrine to the rim
  • Put the terrine in hot water
  • Let took at temperature
  • Put the terrine in the oven at 356°F for 7 minutes (the foie gras must lose the fatty part)
  • Remove from the hot-water bath and put in the fridge. (the foie ras is cooked)
  • Remove the foie gras from the mold the day after and let it dry
  • Cover it with a wrapping paper to preserve it